Tuesday, August 9, 2011

People Asking For Help

Asking For Help

"I am a single mother with her back up against the wall in desparate need of money to help send my son to college this fall. He needs $7400.00 in addition to the loans he has been able to receive.I have did all I know how to do my credit won't allow me to help him. Please help me help him. He promised he would finish school and stay out of trouble. He's done his part, Please help me make my word good."

This seems to have all gotten started when I posted the blog post about asking Oprah for money. It seems that people have mistaken my blog for Oprah's blog but such is not the case.

I surely do hope that you get the help that you are asking for. I also suggest that you take a look at my Grant Basics 101 blog which has blog posts about government grant programs and other ways that you may be able to get money to help you.

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