Saturday, January 12, 2008

Praying For A Financial Miracle

"Question: I pray for a financial miracle, not in greed but for relief and to help so many others both directly and indirectly in the name of JESUS. I'm tired of poverty and really believe that GOD has provision (lottery jackpot) above and beyond here on earth. I can see a great future and GOD in the blood of JESUS does provide. I am not ashamed for this vision of the future that is prayed for. Is this good?

Answer from Jesus:

I can assure you that both God and myself would like to see the abundant life manifest on Earth. It was never God's intention that so many people should live in abject poverty. On the contrary, it was always God’s intention that everyone should share in the abundant life in a universal brother/sisterhood in which people would recognize the truth in my statement that inasmuch as you have done it unto the least of these my little ones, you have done it unto me.

I am not saying that you should not pray for abundance, both in your personal life and in the lives of others. However, a central theme on this website is that people need to change their attitude towards religion and towards their relationship to God. People need to move out of a passive state of mind in which they expect God to change their situation through some kind of financial miracle. Instead, they need to get into an active state of mind in which they begin to see themselves as Co-creators with God.

If you truly read the Bible, you will see that this idea is already incorporated in the teachings I gave 2,000 years ago. Take for example my parable about the talents. The person who buried his talents in the ground was rebuked by God because he had not fulfilled the essential command given by God to “Multiply and take dominion over the Earth.”

When you are sent into this world, God gives you certain gifts and talents, and it is your responsibility to multiply those talents. When you do, God will multiply your multiplication so that to him that has, more shall be added. If you bury your talents in the ground and passively wait for God to do it all for you, you are simply not fulfilling the covenant that God has offered to man.

So instead of praying for a financial miracle, such as a lottery jackpot, it would be more constructive to pray for God to enlighten you as to how you can play an active part in bringing about this new more abundant future. There are two ways for you to do this, and the first is to change your own state of consciousness. It is a universal law of God that if you want to change your outer situation, you must begin by changing yourself, your state of consciousness.

Begin by leaving behind the consciousness of poverty, which truly springs from a sense of being separated from God, and step up to the abundant consciousness. The abundant consciousness is the Christ consciousness in which you see yourself as a son or daughter of God. You will remember my statement that I am come that all might have life and that they may have it more abundantly. As you will see throughout this website, I came to show all people that they can rise out of the lower state of consciousness, the carnal mind, and attain a higher state of consciousness, namely the Christ consciousness.

The Christ consciousness is truly the abundant life, and when you attain that state of consciousness, when you seek first the kingdom of God, all else, including material abundance, will be added unto you in accordance with God's will and your soul’s plan for this life.

When you begin to attain the abundant consciousness in your own life, you can then work for bringing about the abundant life on a larger scale. I earlier said that it is God’s intention that everyone should share in the abundant life. So you need to consider why we currently have a situation on Earth with such an unequal distribution of wealth that a majority of the world's population live in abject poverty while a small elite live in incredible luxury. You will quickly realize that this is a manipulation of the original plan of God.

If the situation is to change, two things must happen. One is that more abundance must be created, and this can be done by using the laws of God. The best way to use the laws of God is to attain Christ consciousness because then you will be in alignment with those laws. So one viable way to change the current situation on Earth is to attain Christ consciousness and then see how you can help bring about more abundance that you share with others.

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Anonymous said...

I have no money and no way of getting to a new job. I have 3 job interviews and after that am out of bus tickets so I can't get to a new job. I'm beginning to think God doesn't exist.
I have been praying and praying for not only financial help but to be shown what I am to do differently in my life. I told God I would take any job he wants for me. do anything with my life. I even looked into joining a convent.
I can't take care of myself without money and will cause stress for those who have to help me out. I can't think from depression an income. If God/life wants you to be happy and contribute to life, then NOT HAVING ENOUGH MONEY IS NOT OF GOD.
You are a perfect, happy, person, inside, but lack of money, health etc. will get in the way.
You are not praying for money so much as YOU ARE PRAYING FOR SOMETHING THAT IS NOT OF GOD TO BE REMOVED. You're not meant to be poor. But when you ask to have it fixed you are also asking that the root of the problem be revealed to you.
If anything I have learned the finacial independence is the main goal in life. Nothing else can be focused on without it. I can't visit a friend in hospital because I don't have the transportation. I can't donate without money.

I don't know the answer because I am seriously in doubt, after 2 months of desperate prayer, that there is one. But I am beginning to think God is not the answer.

Rose said...

You post about what you don't have but what about what you DO have?

Have you ever heard the story about the man who said he felt sad because he had no shoes until he met a man who had no feet!

No matter how bad your life there is some whose life is more worse that yours and it shows you all the things that you should be grateful for.

Please remember to take one day at a time, maintain your faith and keep going!

m. tom said...


Rose said...

That's how I try to think of it when I am going through similar times. I think of it as a test - because that is the advice that I have heard from countless others whose advice I agree with.

During those times it is also advised that you think about and remember all the things that you are grateful for.

I know that this kind of advice may not be what others want to hear but worrying about the problem will only make it worse - think more about the solution to the problem and focus on that (and don't forget to remember what you are grateful for as well!)

Luck's Stuff said...

I agree. I don't know where God is. The more I read and pray, the further away I feel. If this is a test, then its been a 15 yr test with no light or hope. I ask for a miracle, I ask for a job .. and nothing. My life has gotten worse everyday. My wife is regretting that she married me, I have been out of work for 1 yr. You say think about what you do have .. all that is going away and does nothing for me anyways. I am not ungrateful at all. I love my wife and my family, but there comes a time when we need something more, something tangible.

Anonymous said...

I pray that Our Lord and Savior intercedes for you and gives you a special Financial Blessing, and while you are waiting for this blessing you become a rock for the Lord. Do you only believe when times are good, no we have to believe when times are hard. Over the years I have been in many tight imposible situations. I let the situations dictate my actions. And in the midst of all I was doing and thinking, he talked to me and told me He loved me. My reaction to that was "so" he loves everyone. And he came back and told me again He Loves me. He singled me out, my situation at the time did not change, that I could see but I am here and the Lord had to intercede or I really don't belive I would be here now. The Lord is good all the time. Keep the faith. He is helping you. Please do not think that I am making light of your thoughts and situation. It is a hard place to be, but you will sustain and be Blessed.

Rose said...

This is proving to be one of the most popular posts on this blog! I can understand why though because there is so much bad news about financial manners going on in the world today. So many people are losing their jobs and peoples' homes are being foreclosed on.

People really do need a financial miracle!

Anonymous said...

i think this was a frustrating column. i have a disability. i cant work. i spend days and nights in pain waiting for a sugery date the doctor is doing nothing but delaying on. I am in agony. I just moved. I have no money. Enough to cover my rent, that is it. Food and other bills are a problem. The goverment gives me penies to live on through disability pension. Im in my mid 20's. I look functional, until you see the exasperating pain I go through that is so agonizing it feels as if someone is stabbing a million knives into me. I suffer financially. Every day I struggle. I am losing faith in God because he is not providing. I have no money to live on for the entire month. This is a state of poverty, not financial greed!!!!!! Where is God right now? While we suffer in suburban poverty too sick to work? We fall through the cracks of society, live on almost nothing. Do not say things about people in poverty having financial greed. because it is not greed, it is NEED. there is alot of stress not being able to make ends meet, and it takes us away from God when we have that amount of stress. Mr "real jesus" you are a wank, you obviously have no idea what it is like to struggle for food and for survival. THIS IS NOT ABOUT GREED OR ABUNDANCE, it is about making it!!

Rose said...

The article basically says that you should put your talents to work. One of the first things that you should concentrate on is finding ways to get rid of the pain that you are in. If you don't like the doctor that you have then find another one! I have made countless posts on my Grant Basics 101 Blog about different medical-related grant programs that are available to people. A lot of these programs are at a low cost or even better NO cost!

There are things that you can do! Have you talked to your nearest social services agency to find out what financial programs are available to you?

What about the fact that you have computer accessibility available to you? You can use that to start a business of your own from home. If you think that you don't have any skills to start a business from your home then I suggest that you take a look at my Working From Home Blog.

You have to do something to make a change in your life for the better. If others won't or can't do it for you then you have to decide whether or not you want it bad enough so that it will make you do something yourself.

Another thing, a very helpful piece of advice that I have seen many times is when one is feeling down and frustrated then you should start thinking about the things that you are grateful for. Start making a gratitude list or journal. Once you see the things that you have to be grateful for it should help lift your spirits.

Anonymous said...

My heart and sincere prayers go out to those who have shared their areas of financial need...My heart also goes out to those who feel as though God is so far away, and heartfelt cries seem to hit the ceiling. I want to encourage you all and ask you to hold will get better. I can say this because I've been there. back in 2001 right after 9/11 I lost everything (not all at once) job, car, house, dog serious ill, I could hardly walk (back) and the more I prayed and believed God for some type of financial/job blessing the worse it got..Mind you I wasn't a new born believer I had been in tests of faith before but this one rock me to the core to the point where I struggled daily with depression and later on I even thought of taking my life but of course I didn't.What can I offer you to lift you spirit from my experiences...God is faithful!!!

After losing all (including my wife leaving) I was invited to stay in a friends house for free in lieu of rent I did repairs/upgrades for a year. I still didn't have a job but God would always send a raven by to bring me food.I yelled at God (He understands) but I realized I had to take my eyes off of me and my condition and ask God what is it I needed to learn from this.I resolved in my heart I couldn't die or fail because I knew I had a divine purpose and destiny that had not been fulfilled as of yet that truth gave me the strength to make it through (2 years) I asked God for one thing (that I had lost focusing on my problems) to help me make it through and that was not money but "His PEACE" That night He came to me in a dream explained to me where I was and gave me HIS PEACE again..
He may not give you the finances right now but I promise you He will give you "peace" to endure.
Ask for "His PEACE" that surpasses anything that this world can throw at you I did and I made it through. Now after all those years I'm at the cusp of realizing my purpose in Him

Be Blessed

Rose said...

I want to thank you for your comment. Hopefully people will read it and not give up hope!

Anonymous said...

Today: August 7,2010
Needs:Financial Miracle from God
Amount:1,393.42$ to deposit in the bank. A check is going to bounce if this amount is not deposited today.
I believe God is good and full of kindness.I believe in Jeremiah33:3and Philippians4:19. In the name of our Lord Jesus PLEASE GRANT my prayer for a "miracle". Save me Lord! Thank you.

Rose said...

I do hope that you get the financial miracle that you have asked for.

Anonymous said...

I know want to believe that God does exist and miracles do happen. But that's hard to do when you think of the bills you have to pay and don't have the money for, when you think of how you can feed your son, when you look at your life and see that all you have is a mountain of debt. Life has been good to some or has turned out to be good to some and they are the ones who don';t really find it difficult to believe in miracles, but to the greater many like me, you cant help but doubt God. I am a Christian too, but I cant blame people for losing faith. I have lost faith and I honestly dont want to. But how do I do that? Are there still people whom God uses to make other people like me think that there is really a God who takes care of me? After all, miracles, if true, can only happen thru people. I think there are no more miracles. That's sad, but I think that's the truth. People have stopped being good to other people for no reason. That's the miracle. Nowadays, people are nice for a reason. So there are no more miracles.

Rose said...

I know that its hard (and frustrating) when you are in desparate need of money. But from all the advice that I adhere to it really does come down to faith and belief and not giving up!

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess this comment board pretty much proves that the god of the bible doesn't exist. Or wait - maybe he exists for people who have money and ways of earning more, but certainly not for those in need. Primarily this comment is for the person who runs this blog, because I doubt it will be approved as much as I doubt any kind of mythical "god" is going to care one way or the other whether or not I survive.

Rose said...

Well as you can see I did post your comment.

Not everyone believes in God and everyone is entitled to their beliefs.

What I do is to continue to try and have faith - even though it wavers sometimes and I go through periods of doubt and worry - I know that I just can't give up no matter how hard it is - if it is something that I really, really want.

I believe that almost everyone has the capacity to earn money even if they don't know how - yet. My favorite saying is to take something that you love and turn it into a business. That is why I have a Working From Home blog.

I work at home doing grant research because it is something that I like to do - it's like finding buried treasure(s) where no one else can seem to find them!

Everyone has a talent and that includes you! The beginning of this blog post says to use one's talents in order to get more money.

I'm sure you have talents that you're not even aware of yet. And if you have some sort of emergency financial need see if you can find some grant programs that may be able to help you.

Anonymous said...

Wow Thank You for this explanation. Christ Consciousness sums it all up for me = ) Amen!

Rose said...

You are very welcomed! This is by far one of my most popular blog posts!