Sunday, February 17, 2008

Direct TV - Did You Know?

If you have Direct TV, then as a subscriber you should know

  • that if you pay your Direct TV bill by phone there is a $5 extra charge for doing this. Direct TV encourages you to pay either by mail or online

  • if you do not pay your Direct TV bill then they will start to bill you for their equipment - something like $50 per each receiver box that you have installed. Subsequently Direct TV will send you mailing boxes so that you can disconnect your Direct TV boxes and mail them back to Direct TV so that you won't be charged for still having their equipment

  • if you can not pay your total Direct TV bill - pay at least something - even if it is only $10 because this will show that you are making the effort to pay your bill.


aprildawngone said...

Direct TV screwed us over recently when our receiver stopped converting the signal properly. They told us that they switched to a new digital signal and would be sending out replacement boxes to their customers. We got replacement box a few months ago and decided we wanted to us ATT's digital cable service. Low and Behold Direct TV now tells us we have to pay over $200 because the new receiver put us under contract for two years! What! ?!! Had we known that our choice was to give up service or get a new receiver with a contract we would of looked elsewhere! Direct TV uses underhanded techniques to squeeze their customers and manipulate more money from them! Never use Direct TV!

Rose said...

Although I am sorry for what happened to you there are those direct tv users who have had very good experiences with Direct TV and I have to include myself amongst them!

Although I do have to say that you have to be more and more careful about the "paperwork" that one signs!

I am curious as to how your story ended. Did you keep the direct tv or did you go elsewhere?

Anonymous said...

Hello, I find your blog very interesting. I see you are talking about Direct TV. From thes great site I learned that the company specializes in HD and DVR satellite TV system installation and programming for all of the U.S. DirecTV is a direct broadcast satellite service company. As for the customers’ reviews which I also found on the site I should say they are negative and numerous.

Rose said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog post about Direct TV!

Berto305Mia said...

I have Direct Tv now for 3 years I renew the contract and got alot of discounts, but when i got the following bill the credits were all screwed. I have called once a month when the bill comes for the past 4 months because the missing credits and then they add or adjust them for longer time , but again the next bill will come and their gone or length of credit is altered. I can honestly say I hate them now I got my bill today and more issues. When contract is up I will try out ATT. :(

Rose said...

Well say what you will but with all of this DTV hoopla going on they are still the best bet.

Remember they said that if you have cable then the switch to dtv wouldn't affect you well my local cable company still requires everyone of their subscribers to get a converter if they want to still be able to watch certain channels.

I can now see why there is such a big competition going on between satalite tv and the dish tv network - dish tv (to me) is winning so far!