Thursday, June 9, 2011

I would like to Ask for Help for my Family. My daughter is 1 and has been diagnosed with Microcephaly, she will be disabled for the rest of her life. we currently live with my husbands family in a small house our two sons share a room and me and my husband share the smallest room with our daughter. We have no room to breath or walk. We tried to get a home but have been turned down due to not enough funds. We live paycheck to paycheck. I have been looking for work the last 5 months and no one will hire me.

We are asking if people would please help us get a home of our own. we would like to raise $30,000 I know its a lot to ask for but our family wont even help us. I can not keep going like this it will cause us to split or loose what we have. Even if you live in Powder Springs Ga and would donate a house to us we will take it no matter the condition. Please some one out their help us. And yes I have tried the grant thing its all scams and they do not give money away tried everything and get turned down.

please email me at if you would help

As someone that does grant research for a living I can assure that the grant thing is not all scams! I have a blog about grant programs called Grant Basics 101 and I also have a website about grant programs as well.

I have also seen many websites online created by people who are asking for money and donations. I even read an online article about a woman who was able to save her and her family's house - what she did was create a website asking for donations and she got enough money to save her home from foreclosure.

I really do hope that you get the help that you are asking for.

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