Friday, May 11, 2007

Health Insurance

What can you say about health insurance? It's expensive and they don't cover every thing and you get loads and loads of ads about purchasing it!

Its not like it was in the "old" days - the days before HMO's. If you're lucky your job provides you with health insurance. But even that is becoming more of a problem because more and more news stories are about workers striking and one of the major issues has to do with the employee having to take a cut out of their paycheck to put towards health insurance coverage.

But that still leaves a lot of people without health insurance. Since I do a lot of grant research I know that there are some government programs where you can apply for health insurance benefits but you have to make sure that you're eligible.

Unfortunately even with the government programs that still leaves a lot of people without health insurance (and you may be one of them)

The only real advice that I can give you is that you shop around for the best rates. Just like with everything else you should do some investigating, research and comparison shopping when you are looking for a health insurance plan. Maybe you can get some feedback from friends and neighbors. You can also go online and search around for some forums and message boards where other people discuss about their health insurance coverage. There's no better "word of mouth" than the people that have the coverage themselves.

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