Monday, November 29, 2010

Have You Ever Heard Of Kevin Trudeau?

Have you ever heard of Kevin Trudeau?  He's the guy that comes on late-night TV with his infomercials.  He has written many books, ie "Debt Cures", "Free Money" and books about weight loss as well as other books relating to financial subjects.

It seems that he is in trouble (again) with the FTC who claims that he is fraudulent.  According to the FTC, he has been branded as a snakeoil salesman "who misleads consumers into buying a wide-range of products that he claims can help people beat cancer, fix their finances, improve their memory....basically, fix anything".

Trudeau continues to say that he hasn't done anything wrong.  Not one consumer has filed a complaint against Trudeau with the FTC.

He has vowed to continue on with what he is doing.

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