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Beware of The Government..........

Beware of the Government
By: Jim FollisTuesday, November 7, 2006 10:42 PM PST

At one point in my life I viewed anything that was government with a studious eye because it seemed curious to me how things worked. Then I came to the point of being amused about the massive overspending, the favoritism and the pork bellying that ran rampant throughout our elective process. Now, I've become increasingly bitter about our government. It has grown to immense proportions. It is devouring us limb by limb with its ravenous debt. The money being spent just to service our mammoth debt is enough to run most countries in this world.Further, our government has even surpassed the point of its inefficiency and has moved into the arena of being injurious to our own welfare.

We are spending billions of dollars on other countries' problems and yet we have children starving in our own country. We offer barges full of advice to other countries, yet our population is increasingly disenfranchised with our own democracy. Our education level is slipping and our dollar is sinking over the horizon.

Now, I read that the Office of Homeland Security is thumping people who attempt to purchase prescription drugs from Canada or Mexico. These are drugs made by American drug companies, but cost a fraction of the price. Perhaps Homeland Security could better spend their time in protecting us from our own government. We are about to gag ourselves with daily stories of mammoth government overspending and worse, our government protecting corporations that continue to feed on our weak. Price gouging on utilities, medications, oil, gasoline, and our government protects the corporations rather than the people. What business is our government into? Are the profits of our drug companies more important than the health of our seniors who cannot afford medical care? As a shareholder I want my companies to make money, but I also think that competition is good. If people can buy their drugs cheaper elsewhere, they should have that right.

Why is our government in the business of handing out personal or religious advice? If we could legislate good morals and good citizenship, I could see the benefit. But abortions, cell research, right to die issues? Instead of awarding grants to the best product, we now favor "faith based" biasing? Reminds me of our old affirmative action-based battles.

I'm no genius when it comes to studying our constitution, but "States Rights" looms large on my list of "must have." If my state votes to allow people to wear bikini suits to work, then so be it. The constitution protects the right for us to elect our own officials and they have the obligation to do what we want. I now hear seniors are voicing the concern that voting no longer matters. "There is no one to vote for, and besides, they don't even listen anymore."Now this is alarming. The young voters have always been reluctant to believe their "vote counts" and the middle-agers are frantically trying to keep their heads above water, but now the oldsters are upset with our system? Now that's trouble. What's worse, I don't even have a solution. Sure I'm ready for a third party, but it wouldn't take long before it smelled just like the others. In order to get elected today, you need a lot of cash. Developers, corporations, unions, and special interests line up with their sacks of money and lists of expectations for "their" candidate. An independent honest representative of the people doesn't stand a chance.

You bet, I'm way past ready for some return to some of the values that I remember people living by in the past. And who doesn't long for leaders we can be proud of. I seriously long for the day when our government returns to the notion of being, "For the people, by the people.

"Hmmmm, I guess I really should vote. S'pose it's too late? But then, is there anyone I can trust?

- Jim Follis is a former Folsom resident now enjoying hisretirement years.

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